Equipment Rental Policy:

The purchaser and below signer, herein after referred to as “RENTER”, acknowledges they are hereby renting an air sampling system from Enviro-Hazard Testing Inc. The term of the rental will begin on the day the product is delivered (as confirmed by FedEx, UPS, or Similar shipping/tracking information). The rental term is for 14 calendar days. The rental timeframe concludes upon returning the rental air sampling pump to FedEx, UPS, or similar in provided packaging and FedEx/UPS has marked the package as “RECEIVED.” Standard shipping rates apply. Enviro-Hazard Testing Inc strongly recommends RENTER obtaining a receipt from UPS or FedEx for proof that the product has been returned. RENTER agrees to use the air sampling system in the proper manner detailed in the instructions. RENTER will assume all risks of loss or damage caused to the device. Failure to return the RENTAL system will result in an automatic charge to the payment method used for this transaction for the difference between the rental rate paid and the current purchase price of the Air Sampling System. The undersigned has read this agreement and consent to abide by its terms therein: