We provide mold testing services for residential and commercial
properties in the Central FL area.

Who We Are

Is mold present in your Central Florida home or business? Enviro-Hazard Testing Inc. offers
quality mold testing you can trust. For a thorough review and analysis, we send all of our
mold testing samples to an AIHA-accredited laboratory.

Mold problems must be addressed immediately if you suspect there is a problem. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse.

Mold of all kinds, but especially black mold, is harmful to your health and can cause various
respiratory problems. The most common symptoms are persistent headaches, chronic fatigue,
rashes, chronic sneezing and coughing, and eye irritation.

Performing mold testing means ensuring that you don’t have uncontrolled mold growth on
your property and that your spaces are healthy. More and more people are beginning to
realize how harmful mold can be to their health, so they are seeking mold testing.
We operate with your best interests as our top priority. Our services are focused solely on
mold inspections, testing, and reporting. We strongly believe that environmental inspectors
should not profit from the issues they uncover during their investigations. To ensure our
client’s best interests are protected, we intentionally do not offer mold remediation services.
You can trust that our evaluations are objective and not influenced by the possibility of
contracting pricey remediation work, giving you peace of mind as our valued client.

Licensed & Insured

Sam Kunkle – Manager & Mold Assessor

Mold Assessor License #MRSA4255
Mold Remediator License #MRSR4346

How do we test for mold?

Limited Moisture Scan

Temperature & humidity readings

Sampling will be based on initial inspection

Limited Infrared (IR) Scan

Limited Exterior Inspection

Air handler & Ductwork Inspection of 1 unit

Protocol for remediation available upon request

Our preferred method for gathering mold samples is through air quality testing, as it is the most precise way to assess mold presence. This method surpasses a visual inspection by confirming the types and quantities of mold present. The sampling process typically takes less than an hour, depending on the size of your home.

Once the samples are collected, we send the spore traps to an independent laboratory for analysis. Within approximately 72 hours, we receive the results and compile them into a comprehensive report. This report will confirm the presence of mold, quantify its extent, and identify any spore types that may pose a health risk.

Is it advisable to use a mold testing kit in my home/business?

The reality is that mold testing kits for home use are not equipped to provide accurate results.
In the early stages of a mold problem, these kits might not detect anything until the issue

On the other hand, professional testing services can provide a reliable assessment of the
severity of the problem. We offer comprehensive mold testing services in accordance with
EPA guidelines, serving the Central Florida region.

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